Training & Networking

The EECapacity project offers many online resources and opportunities for learning, collaboration, networking and capacity building available to all environmental educators. Each resource described below includes a link to access it online. We invite you to explore these opportunities and to come back often as we update this section with new resources that become available over time.

Online Courses

Most EECapacity’s online courses are highly interactive--based on the premise that learning from peers is equally as important as learning formal knowledge from instructors. The courses seek to connect educators across North America and to form an ongoing learning community. Several courses are more content-driven and can contribute to formal environmental education certification programs.

At this time, the online courses are free. However, to ensure the sustainability of the courses over time, fees of $50-$200 will be charged in the future. Those completing courses receive a certificate from Cornell University. For a fee, university credit may be arranged for some courses.

Check the EECapacity Online Courses web page to find out when courses are offered and how to sign up. 

Project-Based Online Learning Communities

An Online Learning Community is a group of individuals who share a collective goal and values, and who want to collaborate, share their practice openly, getting and giving help to peers, and engaging in reflective dialogue. These communities are designed to keep educators engaged in ongoing learning and sharing of practices. The primary objective of this type of learning community is to support education practitioners as they work to improve their practice. EECapacity’s Project Based Online Learning Communities achieve this by engaging participants in the development of a joint project or product, such as an e-book or other online resource.

For more information, visit our Online Communities page.

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