State Consortia

Creating and supporting State Consortia will help build capacity by connecting a new cadre of urban and diverse EE professionals with established environmental educators at the state level. Each year, three to five state consortia will be identified, each representing a partnership between urban organizations conducting EE with diverse audiences and more established EE organizations and government agencies. 

Each state team will be composed of 20 educators from urban community, environmental stewardship, and environmental justice organizations, as well as zoos, community gardens,  nature centers, schools, parks, and other organizations who are committed to participating in an intensive series of workshops and online learning opportunities for a period of one year or longer. In exchange, the state team will receive a grant provided by EECapacity. Participants will commit to jointly build EE state capacity and develop a state capacity action plan, which will be expanded as part of the training and support activities.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
California Kentucky Pennsylvania
Maryland New England South Carolina
Colorado New Mexico Wisconsin

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